Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hopeline – 1-800-SUICIDE

Hi, I’m Liz. Not everyone who’s reading this blog knows a lot about me. Here’s a fun fact – I’m a big fan of PostSecret. I made my fiancé drive me an hour and a half, one way, to see Frank speak and sign books at Cornell.

One thing PostSecret does is support the suicide helpline, 1-800-SUICUIDE. Frank has helped the Hopeline stay in business during the most difficult of times. He wanted to make sure there was a place that people could call when they needed help, when they’d reached the end of their rope, when they really thought they couldn’t go on.

Oh, another thing you should know about me – I’ve been there.

I did call Hopeline once. I hung up because I didn’t have the courage to spill my secrets, but just the experience of dialing the phone and hearing another person on the end made me calmer. I’m sorry, whoever that was – you did help me.

I love PostSecret and I support the work of the Hopeline, because you never know where your life is going to take you. Cutting it short can only hurt.


Madness said...

I love PostSecret too. Ive been posting my favorite secret every week for a few weeks .. today I chose the same secret you featured on your blog. :)

Liz McD said...

madness - Thanks for stopping by. That's a great secret, isn't it? I should post my own. In fact...I'll start working on that right now.